Mimi Spencer

Co-Author of The Fast Diet

The biggest diet revolution since Atkins

The Daily Mail

A health revolution

The New York Times

Mimi Spencer sitting on a blue chair

Mimi Spencer is a leading lifestyle journalist who has worked for The Observer, The Guardian, The Times and many national magazines, including Grazia, Red and Marie Claire. She is co-author of The Fast Diet with Dr Michael Mosley, the UK’s best-selling non-fiction paperback of 2013.

The Fast Diet - the book which introduced Michael Mosley's 5:2 intermittent fasting plan to the world - has been published in 32 territories and has topped The New York Times best-seller list. It was shortlisted for the UK’s non-fiction book of the year for 2013, and has been followed with Mimi’s Fast Diet Recipe Book, and Michael’s Fast Exercise, his best–selling take on High Intensity Training. Mimi's new recipe book, Fast Cook, hits the shelves in spring 2014; The Fast Beach Diet – her super-charged, six-week 5:2 plan, is published later in the year.

For 12 years, Mimi was the lead columnist on You Magazine at the Mail on Sunday. In a career which has spanned 25 years, she has also edited ES Magazine, been Fashion Editor for the London Evening Standard, and won the British Fashion Council Award for Fashion Writer of the Year in 2000.

Mimi lives in Brighton with her barrister husband, two children and a dog called Digg.

For more information, go to thefastdiet.co.uk